Mantra Yagam in our Babaji’s Nature Forest  "Santham"

Harts wood Road, Brent Wood, London UK, CM14 5AG   On 9th June 2019  

 .........The Enlightenment Circle


Babaji and the 18-siddha  Temple consecration at Avaloor, Thiruvannamalai South India

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Yogar Valakam, Karainagar, Jaffna, Sri Lanka 


  We had a small ceremony on vijiia Desami to blees our new yoga hall in Karainagar. The final concreting of the floor has yet to be completed but we managed Surya Namaskar nonetheless.



Boomiththai (Mother Earth) Cottage Industry  பூமித்தாய்  (குடிசைக்கைத்தொழில்)

Natural pure Organic products By single mothers Arivayar Sangam, Karai Nagar, Jaffna Srilanka

All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally. All Products are our own home made ones


Babaji's Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation In London UK:



Opening Our Babaj's Forest Retreat In BrentWood, London UK



Babaji's Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation In Toronto Canada:



Babaji's Kriya Kundalini Yoga Initiation In Yoga Aranyam, Colombo, Srilanka:



Papers Submitted by Yogi Ram Sunthar






"Walk of Hope"


A severe penance undertaken by Yogi SriM, to walk from south India to North India by foot

for the betterment of humanity at large, was successfully completed by the grace of Babaji.

Yogi Ram Sunthar & few of his Yoga students were with him on the1st day of this

foot Pilgrimage (Patha-Yara). All glory to Master Babaji.










Universal kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam (UKBYS)

UKBYS was founded by YOGI RAM SUNTHAR in December 2006 to promote the scientific art of Yoga & Health through precept, writings, books, lectures, research, service, pilgrimage, sadhana (yoga practice) & yoga classes etc., for the instruction and diffusion of useful knowledge, scientific and mystic, following the footstep of Kriya Babaji & the 18-siddhas tradition. 
Kriya yoga is a way of life and encourages simple living in tune with nature with high ideals;leading to God realisation and liberation from the cycle of birth and death culminating in Soruba Samadhi or golden light Samadhi which is the total transformation of the physical, vital, mental and intellectual and spiritual bodies.

KRIYA kundalini YOGA is a series of scientific practical techniques, which assists the practitioner to realize his potential and to tap the latent sources of inspiration and higher states of consciousness. 

All aspirants will be taught the following:
1. Kriya Hatha Yoga Aasanas (postures of relaxation)
2. Kundalini Pranayam ( Scientific art of Yogic Breathing)
3. Dhyana Yoga (Meditation)
4.Mantra Yoga (Chanting Moola and Beeja Mantras)
5.Bakthi Yoga (practice of Devotion and Bhajans)

KRIYA YOGA practitioners are also trained in Yogic Diet, the study of the Holy Scriptures of the 18 Yoga Siddhas, inter-religious harmony, world peace and environmental protection.

May Kriya Babaji lead us all to Soruba Samadhi through the Five-Fold path of Siva Yoga Siddhantham.


Babaji's Birthday Celebrations 2018

An invitation for all kriya Yoga Sadhaks, family and friends: 2018

Sunday 19th Nov 8.30 AM to 12.30 PM 2018, at Babaji Hall, Enlightenment Circle, SMS, No: 2 Salisbury Rd, Eastham, Manor Park London E12 6AB

Every year we celebrate this auspicious occasion with love and devotion to the Master trying to invoke his divine presence which can be felt during Bhajan, Pranayam, Dhyanam, Mantra, Bhakthi, Spiritual discourse , lighting of lamps and chanting 108 names of the Lord. After a wonderful spiritual feast please stay for Prasadam (lunch feast) and Maheswary Pooja (distribution of food to the homeless and needy)

Babaji was born on November 30th Thursday 203AD, at Porto-Novo in Tamil Nadu, India, when Saturn ascending in his Lagana (Libra), Rishipa-Rashi and Rohini Nakshatra. The Master is always with you; he will protect and deliver you to your ista-devathai.

This year master Babaji’s birthday falls on Tuesday, 3rd  Dec 2018, Rohini star, ), but will be celebrated on the 19th Sunday Nov 2018.

Surrender completely and entirely to him. His blessings will transform your body, mind and soul. Make a special effort daily to light a lamp or a candle to reember Babaji and say some prayers according to your own religious beliefs. This will bring you closer to Master Babaji, as promised by him: “If you take one-step towards me, I will take two-steps towards you”…...........Babaji

Pray and meditate daily for your family’s peace, your country’s peace and for the world peace. Group-prayer (collective-prayer) is more effective. Even when you are praying on your own, you are assured there will be always two-people, one is you and the other is Babaji.

Others who cannot be present for whatever reasons may be included mentally. Prayers are more effective when you pray for others. Non-Violence and Compassion for all living beings is Master’s message. Prayer calms the mind, fills one with love and keeps the mind in tune with Master Babaji.

Prayers said with a sincere heart will be answered. If not now will be answered one day... Surrender everything to Babaji. He will take complete charge of you. Let Him work through you. Make yourself an instrument of Master Babaji. “ . ” “En Kadan Pani seithu kidappathu. Un Kadan Adiyenaiyum Thanguthal” . Explanation: My duty is to serve. Your duty is to carry me on your shoulders”

He will remove all defects and weaknesses in us and make us strong. Call him with the same love with which Drowpadai called Krishna. You will surely meet Master in this very life or at

least his presence. Develop this love for him. Feel his presence everywhere physically, mentally, vitally, intellectually and spiritually. Strive ceaselessly to fix your mind on Babaji. Constantly behold your Beloved in all forms. Silently repeat his mantra: “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum”. Sing his names. Wake up at Brahmamuhurtha (3-6 am). There is a spiritual presence and mysterious silence, during this hour and there is more Pranic energy in the air which will give you a fresh clear mind.

All saints, sages and Yogis practice yoga sadhana during this hour and send spiritual vibrations to all living beings throughout the entire world. You will be highly benefited by these vibrations if you start your prayer, japa and meditation during this hour. The meditation state of the mind will come by itself by divine grace.

Gaze at the picture of your Ista Deva or the Sathguru Deva for a few minutes and close your eyes. Then try to visualize the picture mentally. You will have a well-defined or clear cut picture. When it fades, open your eyes and gaze. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times. You will be able to visualize clearly your Ista Devata mentally, after some months practice. If you find it difficult to visualize the whole picture, try to visualize any part of the picture. Continuous practice will make it perfect. The thoughts you create in your mind and the images you form in your life will help you in making what you are or what you would become. If you constantly think of Sathguru Babaji, you will become one with him. It is not a coincidence that Karthigai Deepam (on Karthigai-Star —Nakshathiram) is celebrated a day before Babaji’s Birthday (Rohini Star). This year Karthigai Deepam falls on 12th December, 2018

“Seek Babaji to become a Babaji” “Om Kriya Babaji Nama Aum”  ……………………….Yogi Ram Sunthar (UKBYS)


TRADITIONAL Babaji’s KRIYA KUNDALINI YOGA TRAINING by Yogi Ram Sunthar, direct disciple of Yogi SAA Ramaiah (Saturday & Sunday 22nd & 23rd  June 2019, 6am till -8.30 am in New Malden Surrey UK) 

 KRIYA kundalini YOGA is a series of scientific practical techniques, which assists the practitioners to realize his potential and to tap the latent sources of inspiration and higher states of consciousness. Regular and sincere practice of KRIYA YOGA (Kriya Kundalini Pranayam and dhyana) brings about an increasingly wider perspective of self-realization.

The scientific art and practice of BABAJI’S KRIYA YOGA includes: Asanas (Yoga Exercises), Kundalini Pranayama (scientific art of Yogic Breathing), Dhyana Yoga (Meditation), Mantra Yoga (Chanting Moola and Beeja Mantras), and Bakthi Yoga (Practice of Devotion).

KRIYA YOGA, a form of Raja Yoga, is the same science that LORD SHIVA gave millenniums ago to his Shakthi PARVATHI DEVI at Amarnath, in Kashmir. Very slowly but steadily the world is taking to SCIENTIFIC MYSTICISM or KRIYA YOGA. The goal of kriya kundalini Yoga (Vaasiyoga) is Soruba Samadhi.


Master Babaji's message to all:


 Another year has flown past, and Maha Maya seems even more evident as we peruse the dream like events of the year! 31st July 2015 (Guru Purnima) marked the official opening of Universal Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam UK, with 16 sadhaks becoming members of the Sangam by paying an annual subscription of £60!!  

The following sadhaks were nominated as Committee members  until the next AGM on JULY 19TH 2016 (to be confirmed)Founder:Yogi Ram Sunthar,  President : Melanie Suntharalingam, Vice President: ParamantharTavaraja: Organiser: SupiramaniumRatnaraja.Treasurer:IndumathyVaratharajan.Secretary;RajasegaramSivanesan.


 The meeting was held at short notice without our realising  the significance of the day. All glory to the Master!

 We also now have a ukbys Bank account with the Cooperative Bank, so all donations and membership subscriptions can be paid into this community account. Please download attached files for information on The Sangam Constitution/Membership Forms And Standing Order Mandates.


 Through  master Babaji’s  grace your support for our sangam has been greatly welcomed and thanks to your generosity we now look forward to  Completing the AVALOOR Ashram. We are very happy that you are building a Temple in Canada dedicated to Kriya Babaji and the 18 Siddhas.

This is a tradition that should be nurtured into posterity and so yogiar would like you to form the Canadian branch of UKBYS so that we can all work together to spread Master’s work.  ( so that  you all may be able to take time away from the stress of everyday life and reconnect with your true beings in tune with nature. So please do support this project.)

Universal Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam (UKBYS) (regd)

For further details:    mail:

UK: 07860946216, 07505173276   Srilanka: 0763856886    0766193361


Boomiththai (Mother Earth) Cottage Industry  பூமித்தாய்  (குடிசைக்கைத்தொழில்)


Natural pure Organic products By single mothers Arivayar Sangam, Karai Nagar, Jaffna Srilanka

All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally. All Products are our own home made ones.

By single mothers Arivayar Sangam, Karai Nagar, Jaffna Srilanka

பூமித்தாய்  (குடிசைக்கைத்தொழில்) Boomiththai Mother Earth Cottage Industry 

Ref:  Boomiththai (Mother Earth cottage Industry) 2nd August 2020



To All Yoga Sadhaks,

Asokan is doing a wonderful service in Jaffna via the Enlightenment Circle preventing suicide in Jaffna, Srilanka. Blessings & Aaseervatham from Babaji & Yogiar for his commitment towards this project. In the meantime we have witnessed the root cause of suicide here in Karainagar is mainly financial and job losses. In order to help out we have formed a Magalir Sangam called “Arivayar Kulu” with single mothers with children. We have so far 30 such members in Karainagar.


Our aim is to employ as many as possible and pay wages 100 Srilanka Rupees per hour. So far we have employed 15people on a part time and full time basis. Full time people we pay 15000 Srilanka Rupees per month and part time Rs 100 per hour. Full timers are employed for cooking and cleaning duties and part timers for various other jobs like watering plants gardening, planting trees, collecting herbs etc..... The government jobs for our people are only a few. In the meantime we have started a cottage industry making organic natural food and medicinal items and sell them to pay these people and employ as many people as possible. We have listed all items we are making.


We have posted some of these items to UK and Canada and there is a good welcome from these countries for our products. We have to stop sending items abroad as postage is very high now as fewer flights due to Corona. We have invested so far 10 lacks Srilanka rupees for this project. For some mothers we have settled their heavy high interest loan (meter interest, hourly interest, and monthly interest) and they are paying the capital back each month affordable to our Magalir sangam. As the business growing and demand growing so is single mothers.


We have been carrying on with this project for the past year slowly and steadily with Babaji’s blessing it is a great success. So it is suggested by our foreign devotees that they will donate a sum towards this cause as donations or as repayable loan in 3-months notice. We are asking our devotees to donate 100 to 500 GBP pounds (one only payment) which is returnable when ever on a 3-months notice without interest. Only capital is returned. We have a zero interest policy. For example Dr Leela Chandrakumar has donated £300. £100 to buy and prepare items another £100 to Arivayar Kulu and the final £100 worth of goods she buys and distribute to her people in Colombo.


***All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally

by Babaji Yoga single parents. We would like to thank all the people donating to UKBYS on a monthly basis



Cottage Industry Karainagar, Jaffna, Srilanka. (குடிசைக்  கைத்தொழில்)  காரைநகர், யாழ்ப்பாணம். சிறீலங்கா   

Ph: 0779705990      0763856886   

All our products are Organic, Home Grown, carefully selected, Hand Picked, Sundried & Made Naturally.

*****All Homemade pure organic products. Made by Babaji Yoga Single Parents Group

Karainagar, Jaffna, Srilanka.   காரைநகர், யாழ்ப்பாணம். சிறீலங்கா

Srl-0763856886    Sarangan : 0760221095     Selvi:  0779705990   UK: 07860946216


Next kriya Initiation (deekshai)


 For further details: visit  for the next kriya Initiation (deekshai) details: 


London (UK):    Mob: 0786 0946216    0750 5173276   

Srilanka Mobile    0763856886    0766193361