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Babaji’s five fold path of yoga:  by Yogi Ram Sunthar & Melanie Sunthar

I congratulate the author on producing a concise and informative book on Kriya Yoga. The historical perspective on the great personality of Babaji is very welcome for those new to this philosophy.

This book clearly outlines the important rules for Kriya Yoga including Hatha Yoga warm up excercises and the importance of pose and counter pose. Each of the 18 asanas is carefully explained with the medical conditions that will benefit from them. Caution is also given when necessary.

This comprehensive book has a holistic approach to health. There are informative sections on (pranayam) Yoga Breathing, meditation (dhyanam) and the Chakras of the vital body. It also details the anatomy of yoga giving the student a clear understanding of the workings of the human body. There is very useful section on Yogic diet and how it supplements the benefits of the other aspects of Kriya Hatha Yoga.

I thoroughly recommend this book on ”Babaji’s five fold path of yoga  and no doubt  many students will benefit from the knowledge and regular practice of yoga which this book will encourage you to do.  Not just the first time you pick up the book but for a long time after.

Dr P. Sharma B. Sc.; M.B.Ch.B. ( Manchester); M.F.Hom


Books By my Guru Yogi SAA Ramaiah:

  1. The Wisdom of Agathiyar of

Thiruvananthapuram, India, 1996

 2. The Yoga of Agathiyar Kanda Yogam, Volumes I through 3, India, 2003

 3.  The Yoga of Boganathar, Bogar Kanda Yogam India. 1995 Volume 1 through 5, India

 4. Babaji Pathinen Siddhar Yoga Kovai  Parayana Paa, India, 1991

 5. Babaji’s Kriya Hatha Yogam (Siddhantha Tradition), 3rd Edition, India, 1989

6. Babaji’s Kriya Hatha Yogam, 4th Reprint, Volume 2, India;­2003

7. Babaji’s Philanthropist of Wisdom (Kriya), India 2003.

8. Babaji’s Yoga: Simple Living in Tune with Nature, India, 2003

9. Tamil Massiddhar Muruga Avataram Parangipettai Babaji Tamil Archanai, India, 2002

10. Kriya Babaji Sangam (Regd) College of Medical Sciences and Yogic Therapy Catalogue, India, 1983

11. International Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam College of Yoga, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, India, 1982

12. A Blissful Saint [Paramahansa Omkara Swami] [Second Edition] India, 198′2

13. Babaji Gitai [Kriya], India, 1998

14. Babaji’s Yoga Pilgrimage of the Soul -1 [Autobiography] India, 1992

 15. Agathiyar’s Science of Acupressure, India, 2003

16 Eighty Years of Light, India. 2003


17.  The Voice of Babaji and Mysticism Unlocked of Kriya Babaji India 1952

18.   Babaji’s Death of Death [Kriya] India, 1952

19.  Babaji’s Masterkey to All Ills, (Kriya) India 1952

20.  Rubies of Ritualistic Worship of Alagu-Malai Rama Devar India, 2003

21. Blossoms-32 by Mayavaram Kudambai Siddhar, India 2003

22. Verses of Wisdom by Srirangam Sattamuni, India 1998

23. The Siva Yoga of Wisdom by Boganathar of Palani, India. 1997

24. Rituals of Worship by Kasi Nandeeswarar, India, 2001

25. Rituals of Worship by Karuvai Karuvoorar, India, 2003

26. Garland of Super-Consciousness by Thiruvaroor Kamala Muni, India, 1999.

27. Matted Hair Siddha,lndia 2005.

28. Man, Life, Death and After, India 2005

This book contains  Part 1: conquest of Death & Matted Hair Siddha

                                        2: The Voice of Babaji & Life of Kriya Babaji

                                        3: Birth of  a Mission

                            Part-2: A Book in the Making

                                 Babaji’s Death of Death (Kriya) Part-1 The Flame of Kriya

              A Matted Hair Siddha (sensational life of Bhowal Sannyasi)

                            Man, Life, Death & After (chapter 1-8)